Parent & Toddler Drop-In Sessions

These sessions are for Parents and Babies/Toddlers up to the age of 4. They are a great introduction to gymnastics. The session do not need to be pre-booked.

The gym is set up with coloured stations to enable the children to climb, run, jump, leap, and bounce. The children have the full use of the floor area, asymmetric bars, beams, vault, wall bars and sunken trampoline. We also have large foam pitted areas and the whole of the gym is carpeted with specialist gymnastics carpet.

Parents are responsible for their own child(ren), guiding them around the gym and encouraging them to use the stations, ensuring that only the children use the equipment.


These are structured classes for children the year before they start School. We introduce basic motor skills such as balancing, jumping, rolling and swinging and help to develop their social skills and confidence.

The British Gymnastics Pre-School Award Scheme is offered during their first year in gymnastics. All classes are coached by fully qualified coaches and must be pre-booked.

General Gymnastics

General Gymnastics is offered for all children from school age to participate in weekly classes. Classes are one-hour duration and all children learn the basic skills on each piece of apparatus which include, Asymmetric Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault. We also have a sunken trampoline for aiding additional gymnastic skills.

Gymnasts work towards the British Gymnastics Award Scheme with testing taking place three times a year. We hold a yearly Recreational Competition to give all our gymnasts the opportunity to show off their skills to their parents with the emphasis being on taking part and having fun.

All classes are coached by fully qualified coaches and helpers and must be pre-booked.

Floor & Vault Squad

Our Floor & Vault Squad is an invitational group, comprising our most talented General gymnastics children who, are older than the required age for their ability in elite gymnastics, lack in a particular aspect that is required or may not want to do the hours required for the Women’s Artistic squad selection.
The groups focus on key core skills, together with flexibility, strength and conditioning. The gymnasts will take part in Inter-cub and County competitions and will need to purchase the club’s competitive leotard.

Sports Acrobatic

Our Sports Acrobatic section is offered to gymnasts age eight and above. The gymnasts work in groups of two or three and perform acrobatic floor and balance routines to music.

Gymnasts from our General Classes who show good floor skill ability, balance and strength will be offered the opportunity to train with this group.

Women’s Artistic

Our Women’s Artistic Squad is an invitational group where gymnasts are identified and selected from our Pre-School and General Gymnastics sessions to follow a specific development programme on all four pieces of Olympic apparatus; Vault, Asymmetric Bars, Beam and Floor, to compete at County, Regional and National Level.

Gymnastics is a challenging and demanding sport and entry into the squad requires enormous commitment from gymnasts and their families. To achieve and succeed a squad gymnast will be required to attend regularly, be committed and a develop a high level of self discipline.